For the past eight years Australian Trucking Association events manager, Tania Goodacre, has been a hosted buyer at AIME. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

micenet sat down with Tania to learn about her experience of doing business in this industry and how she makes connections and secures suppliers at AIME.


Q. What value do you get out of attending AIME as a hosted buyer?

A. As a hosted buyer my schedule is organised for me, packed with pre tours, education sessions, networking events and most importantly appointments with exhibitors on the show floor; so for me, the value is simply in participating in all these experiences, enjoying the opportunities that arise, finding new venues and meeting people, without having to go out and set it all up for myself.

While I would never stop experiencing destinations, staying in different hotels, touching promotional products and participating in activities, the benefit of AIME is that it allows you to experience all of this under one roof and in only two days.


Q. What/who do you find at AIME?

A. I go to AIME looking for inspiration. I find it in seeing all the exhibitors, like venues, products, destinations plus the education sessions and, of course people. I look forward to the networking aspect of AIME, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. I have made so many wonderful connections at AIME. The education is also very important to me and I go to as many sessions as I can. I find them relevant to the industry and of high quality.


Q. What business have you placed/booked as a result of AIME?

A. I have booked many meetings, conferences, speakers and promotional items as a result of attending AIME. I have also been able to consider different destinations for my events by meeting people from convention bureaux and destination management companies who give me great advice and solutions for some of my upcoming meetings and events.


Q. Why do you go back to AIME year on year?

A. There is always something different to see and new people to meet. I enjoy seeing what is new and what is now trending in the industry. I believe that because I am so open at AIME, I experience the most that the show has to offer.


Q. What does being a hosted buyer mean to you?

A. It means being exposed to as much of AIME as I possibly can be. I can do a lot of business in those two days which sets me up for the coming year and beyond.

As a hosted buyer I am also exposed to experiences and suppliers that I would not normally consider. This challenges me as an events manager in considering the experiences that I am offering to my delegates. Often I am the one organising and the delegate experience needs to be top of mind at all times. Being a hosted buyer puts me in a delegate’s shoes. This is a vital part of what I do, and allows me to experience firsthand what I offer my delegates, keeping my events and ideas relevant and fresh.