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Vanessa Wallace

Born and raised in Rotorua, RotoruaNZ's business events manager Vanessa Wallace has “DNA in the game”....

Hamilton Island

Matt Boileau

From a business events perspective, Hamilton Island’s general manager Matt Boileau believes Hamilton Island and Central Australia have some strong similarities. Beginning his early career in Central Australia, he quickly...

Sheraton Grand Mirage, Port Douglas

Steve Molnar

From working at a petrol station to working in real estate and operating heavy machinery before moving into the hospitality industry in Fiji, New South Wales and Queensland, Steve Molnar’s...

Australian Turf Club

Jimmy Busteed

Starting with sales roles working with exhibitions such as the Get Away Holiday & Travel Show and the Sydney Royal Easter Show, current general manager of hospitality sales at Australian...

IHG Hotels and Resorts

Dean Jones

In an exclusive chat with micenet, IHG’s Dean Jones talks business event trends, sustainability, and investment in new spaces....

MCG Events

Troy Stasinowsky

MCG Events’ director of sales and marketing, Troy Stasinowsky knows that food and venue choices can make or break any event experience. Starting his career as a chef working in...


Bob O'Keeffe

The 300 million dollar man. That's the economic benefit to Queensland that the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre provides each year. GM Bob O'Keeffe has been there since before it opened....

Te Pae Christchurch

Ross Steele

With tragedy once again befalling Christchruch, former Cairns Convention Centre GM, Ross Steele, knows his new role at the city's major meetings venue will be paramount to the city's healing...

Tourism Australia

Penny Lion

Arrivals up for Oz! Executive GM of Events at Tourism Australia, Penny Lion, says we've had a bumper last 12 months, and the next year is looking euqally as strong....


Heath Campanaro

Interest piqued by a recent interview with former Imagination UK creative, Richard Foulkes, micenet's editor went in search of what the local office was up to, speaking to director Heath...

Jerry Schwartz

Jerry Schwartz

Dr Jerry Schwartz, owner of 15 Australian hotels, is remaining as positive as he an about the impacts COVID-19 is having. He tells it how it is....

Hyatt Hotels

Kate Atkinson

With borders between Australian states reopening, some international flight corridors opening for visitors and the return of international students, things are looking positive for Hyatt in Australia and the wider...

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