You only have 30 seconds to fully engage with your audience – so make it count, says Decorative Events & Exhibitions’ Mark Magenis.

In every experience we design, build and create in our industry, we cannot forget that it’s our audience’s impression, inspiration and enjoyment at our events that are paramount.

It is their experience that should be our focus and at the very forefront of everything we do.

First impressions are like liquid gold; imaginations can be captured and flooded with delight or you can lose your audience engagement.

A well styled room is like a warm handshake, a friendly smile; sometimes, an unexpected welcome.

It is difficult to guarantee every attendee can be personally greeted, so an inspired space can make the attendees feel entirely needed, wanted, appreciated and valued. Done successfully this is the perfect icebreaker, a conversation starter, and helps build the excitement and anticipation for what is next in store.

Attendees’ expectations are much higher today. With a visual world at their fingertips via social media, individuals are much clearer on what is aesthetically pleasing to them, and they have a constant connection to all that is beautiful around the world via the web, in real time.

Our industry must adjust and deliver on these expectations to allow our efforts to be recognised and to achieve our goals within the event space.

Audiences crave multi-sensory platforms; they want to feel, touch, hear and taste, and our successes rely on how effectively we weave these elements into our events.

Don’t forget to give them something to remember, something to take away with them and something for them to share with their community… it’s then that you’ll give your event an extended life as it is shared across the multitude of social media platforms. The power of community has the potential to both make and break our industry, so ensure you have this vital new life force in your sights.

Contemporary business strategy seeks to improve organisational effectiveness through smarter, evidence-based return on investment. Let the opinions your audience make about your brand be the rights ones.

Styling for audiences has the greatest impact with the smallest investment, so it is proven that by adopting well thought out creative styling you will achieve a competitive advantage in attendee engagement.

Creativity is king, and we love bringing that to the market.