April 11, 2022 | By Selina Sinclair, head of business events, Destination Gold Coast

Queensland’s Gold Coast is a city like no other, built on the thoughts and deeds of true visionaries.

Once a sparse collection of seaside villages, imagination and sheer hard work helped the Gold Coast rise to become not only Australia’s sixth largest city, but a world leader in innovation, discovery and its most exciting business destination.

It’s a creative hub where opportunities abound, located within one of the world’s fastest growing regions, underpinned by a thriving economy, impressive infrastructure and solid plans for long-term sustainable growth.

And the Destination Gold Coast Business Events team firmly believes that now is the hour to reimagine the way of attracting conference and meeting business to the city through the creation of The imagination capital of Australia campaign.

The imagination capital is a fresh and aspirational campaign that reimagines the Gold Coast’s way of attracting major business events.

It’s a home-grown initiative to support the post-pandemic recovery of the city’s tourism in high-end business, health, innovation, education, screen and arts and sport events.

It not only showcases what the Gold Coast is, but also shows the depth and substance of its community, its myriad of experiences and the genuine welcoming nature of the city’s people.

In March the campaign had its global launch at the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) in Melbourne.

The Destination Gold Coast business events team were on the ground, omnipresent on the exhibition floor and in number, to meet decision makers from around the world to convince them to choose the Gold Coast as the location of their next conference or meeting.

The AIME launch was supported by a team of members and partners who enthusiastically spoke of the countless conference-enhancing experiences unique to the Gold Coast and the support that business events receive when they take place in the city.

They spoke of a region bursting with capability and coming of age, with an events pipeline boasting 145 conferences and meetings worth an estimated $206 million committed between now and 2030.

Indeed, The Imagination capital of Australia is a campaign that leaves no doubt that the Gold Coast is at the leading edge in entrepreneurship and innovation, creative thinking and boundless energy and a place where bold ideas are embraced.

It delivers a real opportunity for the visitor economy to not just rebuild, but lead the post-COVID repositioning of the Gold Coast and the South East Queensland region.

The Destination Gold Coast business events team all bring imagination to business events from local connections, itinerary planning advice and they join the dots for the all-important provision of support from government leaders and strategic partners.

And their mantra is simple and true; if it can be imagined, it can happen on the Gold Coast.