September 15, 2021 | By Bronwen Largier

With the Professional Conference Organisers Association (PCOA) moving its December 2021 conference to January 2022 due to the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 and the current lockdowns in three capital cities, the association has confirmed it will be holding two conferences in 2022, effectively book ending the year.

PCOA President Barry Neame says the reaction of the business community to the new dates for the 2021 conference – now scheduled for January 29-30 2022 – has been positive.

“We are fired up and hard at work on finalising the conference program with the aim of making the event extra rewarding for everyone who attends,” says Neame.

“We have learned from our members and business partners that the business-events community wants nothing more than to getting back to reconnecting and delivering live events.

“In that context, the 2022 year will be a bonus one – we will be holding PCOA21 and PCOA22 in the same calendar year.”

At the conclusion of the rescheduled 2021 event, to be held in Hobart, the destination for the 2022 conference, set for December 4-6 2022 will be announced.

PCOA continues to urge the industry and all those in its professional and personal networks to be vaccinated.