Be it day or weekend spa, this form of pampering can very well be more than skin deep and a sign that one is cared for.


By the end of 2012, there would have been approximately 525,600 minutes that we’ve gone through since we started the year and as the song Seasons of Love from the Broadway rock musical Rent would have said it – how do you measure a year in the life? The tradition of getting bonuses at the end of the year must have used this same thought process: we’ve worked hard through the year and it’s time we get a well-deserved reward!
What better incentive, then, to give (and to receive!) than a visit to that unique, serene and relaxing spa under the able hands of a professional in a beautiful atmosphere we can only dream of! We long for this healthy relaxation to soothe those joints, reduce the stress, calm those muscles and refresh our minds in time for a brand new year.
So we let our hair down, kick off our boots and go for that great escape. We chose some unique spas in the region that make a trip to any of them worthwhile. And if anyone asks again how we measure a year in the life – we can very well say that perhaps not in daylights or sunsets or cups of coffee, but in how we are cared for and by the love we chose to give to those around us!