As you would have discovered while reading Peta Moore’s piece in the latest edition of micenet, successful conferences provide a sense of wellbeing for the full gamut of attendees, including those on the introverted side of the equation.

“New cultural attitudes celebrate the rise of the introvert, self-care and downtime,” she writes. “[You should] foster delegate interest in wellness by creating a space in the agenda for quiet periods.”

Rather coincidently, an email hit our inboxes last week detailing a Compare the Market study which revealed the best destinations for introverts to visit in 2019. The top three countries were Russia, due to its rich historical cities and serene countrysides, which are populated by approximately nine people per square kilometre; Canada, with its secluded mountains and sparsely-populated off-the-beaten-track villages, and Argentina, due to its wide offering of boutique hotels and guest houses. Definitely some food for thought for incentive planners.

What do you think about events of the future being tailored to the proclivities of introverts?

We’ve encountered planners on various famil trips who have commented on the unwillingness of their delegates to engage in photo booths, karaoke and boisterous entertainment, particularly those in the science and IT fields. Is a more inclusive approach on the horizon?