By Brad Foster

I can’t count the number of times since COVID-19 hit our sector in March 2020 I’ve had emails from people or heard about people doing podcasts or video interviews centred around the event sector.

Perhaps it’s a thing you do now rather than sitting in a room and writing a book, although I’m sure there are people during this period who are doing that too. But books take a long time. Like years, and podcasts can be put together in a matter of days.

So what’s your point, Brad? Well, I don’t have one, other than to inform our dear readers that long-time industry creative, Francesca Peskops, has just launched her podcast, Events Unpacked. And, from the sounds of it, it sounds, well… packed.

In these ones, Francesca “unpacks” some of the biggest brand and product events in Australia – and sometimes beyond – focusing not only on great successes but some epic fails as well.

They are a little bit educational and educational.

Her first episode features Luca Balbo, US based global senior events director at Microsoft who has managed over 1300 event projects worldwide.

Not a bad way to start a new venture!

Other episodes in the series include interviews with American Express, Newscorp and 20th Century Fox.

“After being entrusted by so many great brands, people always ask me `what is your favourite event?’ or `tell me when did something go wrong and how did you solve it?’ They love to know what happens behind the scenes,” Francesca explains, who co-owns Event Emporium.

“Another question I get is `how do I break into events?’  Even in today’s climate it’s an exciting career to consider. You will hear from the clients about their personal journey to success and what is inspiring them now.

“These two themes are what are explored in every episode.”

So put your ears on and visit or head to all the major podcast platforms and download the first one today. There’ll be a new one every three weeks.