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The Australian Events Academy (AEA) launches to the events industry

The background

The AEA was launched to the events industry late last month. The launch occurred at the academy’s training home the “SMC Conference and Function Centre” and was attended by many industry and corporate guests.
At the conclusion of the launch a few people still asked “so what is the AEA” and this is where the story begins.

Eight years ago the MEA Board of Directors had discussions on the fact they felt that as an industry body offering professional development, maybe MEA should consider becoming an RTO (Registered Training Organisation).
This was during a time when their current CEO had resigned and it was time to recruit. In doing so the Board in their wisdom thought perhaps placing an educator in the role and becoming an RTO could be a way forward for MEA. With industry associations competing with technology to offer member advice and a vast number of association choices for the industry MEA was looking to carve a point of difference.

It’s been a long road, with stops and starts, curves and bends, give way signs and incidents, however well worth the journey as MEA has become not only an RTO but also launched its own brand “Australian Events Academy”.
The Commonwealth Government has many rigorous processes in place in order for any organisation to become an RTO and this is not without good reason. By becoming an RTO the government is entrusting people’s education, their self-esteem, and their livelihood to name a few in the hands of this body. Therefore, it is fitting that the application process is not easy, the road is not smooth, and that hurdles have to be cleared, for this in fact leads to the credibility attached to being permitted by government to educate people.
MEA over time through its dedicated members, committees, councils and boards is proud to announce the birth of “the Australian Events Academy”.

The Deliverables

The Australian Events Academy (AEA) can deliver education and training to MEA members and non-members alike. The need for this education and training is crucial in an industry where repeatedly we are told by reliable sources (our members) that they cannot find proficient and trained staff no matter how hard they try to source them. This is an industry that could well be facing a “skills shortage”; an industry that dare not confuse “a skills shortage” with a “labour shortage”. Our industry is in a skills shortage however, it is not in a labour shortage.

Who Can Benefit from the AEA

It’s simple. An AEA education or training program is beneficial to both individuals and companies. Staff working for hotels, airlines, airports, taxi companies, motels, pubs, convention centres, entertainment venues, clubs, industry product suppliers, A/V companies, theming companies, bars, tourist attractions, media, retailers, local government, government departments, convention and tourist bureaus, travel agencies, corporate bodies and more will benefit.

The AEA has something for everyone who rubs shoulders with the event industry.
At AEA we understand that every organisation and industry sector has its own unique challenges. We believe that organisations achieve success through the quality, versatility and capability of their people. At AEA we can customise solutions which are flexible, innovative and specific to your organisation’s needs.
Member and Non Member Education and Training Programs

The range of courses delivered by the AEA includes:

  • Nationally Recognised Qualification – 8 week Event Management Program
  • Nationally Recognised Qualification – 6 week Event Management Program
  • One Day Courses
  • Event Management Essentials On-Line Course
  • Event Professionals Certificate
  • Diploma of Events SSIT50212
  • Advanced Diploma of Venues and Events CUE060403

We look forward to talking about your education and training needs soon.
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