FOUR industry experts give five reasons on what they consider is the role of a creative agency, how they can help deliver your message and why you should engage one for your next event.


ian1 The role of a creative agency is to support the client as a key business partner and bring an alternative or unconventional concept and solution to meet the client’s need. Creative should not be confused with pretty! Creative has a broad landscape which incorporates design, innovation, brand and overall must be strategic. The client should be able to turn to the agency to support them in both managing the project as well as bringing a creative solution to life. Sometimes, this is just elements of a much larger picture that has a key objective, for example, in the case of a change management program, it could be to generate digital assets and elements for the client to use at various touch points and stages in the program’s life.

2 The agency is there to help bring elements of a project to life, while maintaining the key culture and identity that is the client, and be able to work with the client to ensure that the objective is clear and that you are both on the same page.

3 Look for innovation in various mediums that inspire the audience, don’t just incorporate elements because they look pretty.

4 Be willing to be bold and present new ideas, don’t just deliver something that the client can do themselves.

5 Above all, make sure you have the audience front of mind; always know what the walk away message should be and deliver on it.


rick1 Unlock your brand story – Your story is your brand footprint. We delve into your brand to gain a deep understanding of your story so we can share this with your event delegates. Doing so will equip you to make your mark, engage audiences and position the event.

2 Unlock the power of social selling – Want to be the ‘go to’ source for industry information? Become an empowered LinkedIn thought leader to build your reputation and expand your reach. We leverage the power of social media to engage delegates, speakers and the industry.

3 Unlock new prospects – Talk to those who count rather than counting who you talk to. We ensure your message reaches and resonates with your delegates before, during and after the event.

4 Unlock 365 days of engagement – Nurture brand-customer relationships for all year engagement. Leverage your content, website and social media to transition your event brand into a 365 day relationship that customers are invested in.

5 Unlock key insights – Stay ahead of the trends and avoid being left behind by competitors. We ensure you’re always ahead of the game by consistently implementing, testing and reviewing your progress. We generate key insights and learn from these to continuously improve your strategy and performance for the next event.


caleb1 Strategy – A creative agency will always lead with a strategic approach which provides a platform for a channel-neutral, customer centric response. GPJ knows that brand and channel strategy are imperative to the design of any event.

2 Design – Design thinking will inform how the creative, technology or experiential solution is then created. The design will bring together your brand and your consumers for an experience that is optimised through digitised measurement and testing.

3 Marketing – As a creative agency, our specialities include: brand positioning , building brand equity, market differentiation strategies, brand touchpoint design, client relationship management.

4 Digital Services – As a creative agency, GPJ would advise where you should be advertising online, the most favourable time to launch a campaign, and which platforms will benefit your organisation the most. Using digital marketing environments like social media, your brand will have the best chance of growing in what is already a crowded marketplace.

5 Client Relationship Management – The customer and B2B marketing business is essentially a people business. In an industry that revolves around abstract concepts such as brands, perceptions and ideas, and where judgments are largely subjective, relationships are central to the success of any working relationship.


nigel1 Quality delivery – Expectations are high, and when every attendee has the ability to broadcast their own personal experience to their ‘followers’ you need to ensure that your event delivers. Your guests expect to be enchanted, entertained, educated or wowed. Creative agencies are designed to facilitate this process.

2 A good investment – To achieve memorable events you must invest in ideas, creativity and innovation. At the core of creative agencies are creative people. A good creative sees the world differently and is constantly ‘tuned in’, but great creative takes time and requires experience and courage from both the agency and client. Trust each other.

3 Keeping up with trends – Design trends and techniques evolve as quickly as the technology tools that allow them. Creative agencies can help navigate the client through these rapidly changing landscapes.

4 Extend networks – Creative agencies have access to their own networks of support companies and creative communities, expanding your talent resource in order to help provide a competitive edge in a noisy space.

5 Social evolution – Marketing has evolved and events have transformed into experiences that are often made for media. You wouldn’t consider planning your next TV or print campaign without a creative agency so why would you consider entering the fastest growing marketing channel around without a creative agency?