THAILAND Hilton Pattaya reported that it has offset 226.1 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for events held at the hotel in the last three months of 2012, as part of Hilton Worldwide’s carbon offset programme.

The hotel’s general manager Philippe Kronberg said the achievements derived from almost 80 events held from October 1 to December 31, 2012, with the majority being automotive meetings and pharmaceutical conferences, wedding and social functions.

He said a green meeting was one of the hotel’s selling points when pitching events business with clients, as sustainability had been identified as a priority to Hilton Worldwide.

“Previously, our sales team would normally try to sell just our hotel products, now they must demonstrate to clients that we care for the world too. We tell clients that if an event is held at Hilton, we will proceed with carbon offset from the event – at no extra cost to client.”

Hilton Pattaya offsets greenhouse gas emissions via Hilton Worldwide’ system called LightStay, a brand standard across the chain’s portfolio of hotels. The system is said to help improve hotel performance and profitability while decreasing the company’s overall impact.

Working with Climate Friendly, a carbon offset solutions provider, Hilton Worldwide has identified two initial beneficiaries of the carbon offset programme in Southeast Asia – the Borneo Rainforest Rehabilitation Project and Cambodia Cookstove Project.

Mr Kronberg said that while prices for organising events at Hilton Pattaya remained on par with the market, the carbon offset programme offered a value-added benefit.

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