Sketch Post Studio’s Bernie Quah may be spotted in a conference or seminar making illustrations of speaker presentations with a fistful of colourful markers. She tells micenet ASIA how her real-time graphic recordings help create value for event organisers and guests.

How did Sketch Post Studio come about?

Many have asked if my passion is illustration and my answer is no. My real interest is continuous learning, and illustration or graphic recording is a tool that helps me learn about many different things while creating value for people around me.

Illustration has always come naturally to me as a child. I found my skills to be most valuable as I attended conferences, and began illustrating notes in my notebook as talks and discussions went on. It was an instant capture of key points and interesting quotes. Organisers, guests and speakers loved them and it was a beautiful way to celebrate the content and exchange of ideas. The professional term used to describe this is graphic recording. After a few years of practising graphic recording as an interest, I became confident in my work and decided to turn it into a profession by starting Sketch Post Studio.

Sketch Post Studio was founded in 2013. We listen to ideas and transform words into real-time, hand-drawn visuals that brighten up brainstorming and events. Our graphic recordings simplify complex ideas to engage people, making ideas stick.

What kind of events have you attended, and where have you travelled to make graphic recordings?

Conferences, campaign launches, company dinners, internal discussions and workshops are our forte. So far, we have worked with clients in Malaysia and Singapore. We’re definitely looking forward to travel more in 2014 as our brand grows.

What kind of impact do graphic recordings have for an event? From past clients, what have they done to your sketches post-event?

Quite simply, our graphic recordings make ideas stick in the minds of guests. By creating live large-scale visuals at events, our service is, in a way, a performance that supports the content being discussed. Many who witness it for the first time sit up and wonder, “Hey! What’s going on over there?” Also, our graphic recordings boost social media engagement, as our graphic recordings are ready for guests to photograph to post, tweet and share immediately.

With beautiful summaries of the sessions, guests can instantly use them as references for discussions. Finally, we provide organisers with a compilation of the graphic recordings that are ready for web and print. The compilation is great to include in reports and press releases. And it can be made downloadable from the event website as well.
We draw on large compressed foam boards so they are durable. Some event organisers present them as souvenirs to surprised and flattered speakers. Clients also display them in their offices and may have used them in presentations.
One of our most enthusiastic clients, PricewaterhouseCoopers Kuala Lumpur, included our graphic recordings in post-event thank you cards.

Prior to an event, what are some preparations needed?

More information on the discussion topics prior to the event would be nice for us to do research and have a better idea of the speakers and their stories. Receiving a copy of their presentation slides would be very helpful. We create portraits of speakers and will also need profile pictures beforehand.

Event and meeting planners interested in hiring Sketch Post Studio for on-site graphic recording can visit the website at, or reach out to Bernie at