NAME OF EVENT: Meeting of Mouth and Foot Artists in Singapore 2012
ORGANISER: Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World
VENUE: Marina Mandarin Singapore
WHEN: May 1 – 4, 2012
PAX: 210
BUDGET: Undisclosed

Event Overview

The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World (or Vereinigung der Mund-und Fussmalenden Kunstler e.V in Austrian) was founded in 1956. The Meeting of Mouth and Foot Artists is an annual event, rotating in various countries, where artists share and exchange ideas via painting workshops. Singapore was selected for the year, as the focus was on artists in the Asian region. Held in conjunction with the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Worldwide International Art Exhibition held at Suntec Singapore to promote the artists’ works, the meeting drew 210 delegates and caregivers, out of which 53 were wheelchair-bound.


The hotel provided delegate accommodation and hosted the artist workshops. As the venues had to be wheelchair accessible, elevators were specially assigned to ensure guests reached specific locations within the hotel in a timely manner.
The workshops were held in the function rooms. To avoid damage to the carpets and incur costs to the association, plastic sheets were provided to cover the carpeting. The organisers brought in a portable motorised ramp for wheelchair-bound artists to assess the stage, while Marina Mandarin arranged for connecting rooms for organisers to set up a nurse’s room, fully equipped with stretchers and medical equipment.
The association required its association flag to be made in Singapore and flown during their event, which the hotel assisted by negotiating and coordinating with the supplier.

Challenges & triumphs

Prior to the event, Marina Mandarin Singapore had to assure the association that all guestrooms and function spaces were wheelchair accessible. All room doors, bathroom doors and shower cubicle doors had to be wide enough for wheelchairs to move in and out, while corridors leading to the rooms also had to be wide enough and well-lit.
Marina Mandarin also assisted the whole delegation, including those in wheelchairs, in crossing the road between the hotel and Suntec when guests had to attend the opening ceremony and exhibition. This was done with the assistance of the security solutions company AETOS, which helped stopped traffic for a period of time.

Event feedback

Association director and event organiser Franz Moosleithner expressed that the way the hotel provided assistance contributed to the overall success of the event.

This was largely attributed to efforts put into making sure the hotel understood the needs of the delegates due to the unique nature of the participants, according to Marina Mandarin Singapore director of sales and marketing Serene Law.

“We met the overseas organiser several times to ensure we had the most updated information on any changes to their programme. At each meeting, we took the opportunity to assure them we would be able to deliver whatever they required, whether it was to custom-make their flag or have the rooms and shower facilities accessible to wheelchair-bound delegates.”
Ms Law added that the hotel would want to persuade the organiser to host the exhibition within the hotel should space permits in the future.
“Hosting an event like this gives all our staff a sense of appreciation for what we have and how we can make things more comfortable for our guests.”