September 30, 2022 | By Bronwen Largier 

Tasmania’s business events bureau has launched a new campaign called “See clear here” seeking to highlight what’s uniquely Tasmanian, as the marketing of business events destinations becomes increasingly competitive.

“We know that business events in Tasmania are not the same as other destinations,” says Business Events Tasmania CEO Marnie Craig about the launch of the new marketing push.

The new video for the campaign showcases strong destination footage and ties the destination back to its people and to transformative mindsets and attitudes, suggesting “taking a different look at the world is the rule of the day” in Tasmania and that “surface level thinking just won’t cut it”.

“In clarifying what we offer as a business events destination, and what is uniquely Tasmanian, we kept landing on the same qualities of clarity, connectivity, and a deeper way of thinking,” says Craig.

“The closeness and connectedness of this place strips away all other distractions. There’s intimacy and realness. The connections made at business events in Tasmania will be meaningful and lasting.

“But these traits are not new to our island. In fact, they are so ingrained in our culture, so inherently Tasmanian, that not only have they endured the challenges of the past few years, they are now more relevant than ever.

“We want to share the benefits that a truly Tasmanian business event can provide, and in doing so, invite industry to See Clear Here,” she says.

The bureau is aiming to set Tasmania apart from the multitude of regions it sees as promoting generic advantages to the business events market, including having the best venues, facilities, culture, experiences and food and beverage.

The new collateral will be used in advertising and on social media and when Tasmania hosts the PCOA conference in Hobart in December.