A Statement of Claim has been lodged in the District Court of New South Wales on behalf of Lindy Andrews and the LCA Communications Group Pty Ltd against Helen Logas and Luxperience Enterprises Pty Limited for alleged “breach of contract”.

The Statement of Claim filed by John Laxon relates to Ms Andrews allegedly being terminated as CEO of the Luxperience exhibition. The Statement of Claim alleges Ms Andrews’ termination meant that discussions Ms Andrews and Ms Logas are alleged to have had in 2013 and which Ms Andrews claims included being allocated a 10 per cent share in the business, profit share entitlements, and profits from a possible sale of the business did not eventuate.

In the Statement of Claim, it is alleged Ms Andrews withdrew an application for appointment to a senior position with Reed Exhibitions Australia Pty Limited with an annual salary package of $250,000 to take up a sales position with Luxperience following discussions with Ms Logas.

micenet contacted Ms Andrews and Ms Logas for comment.

Ms Andrews said: “At this point I am unable to provide more detail as it is in the hands of a TV network for investigation and reporting”.

A statement received on behalf of Ms Logas and Luxperience said: “All statements of claim by Ms Andrews will be addressed fully and vigorously through the legal process”.

Luxperience is being held in Sydney from September 6-9, 2015.