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The Australian Business Events Association open for business

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The Australian Business Events Association open for business
The industry’s newest industry body, the Australian Business Events Association, is officially operating from today, with 16 industry meetings and gatherings pencilled in for its first 90 days, as it looks to attract members and momentum.

Looking to appoint its first CEO by the end of the month, the new association has released details of what it hopes to do in its first 90 days, which includes continuing its roadshow of industry briefings across the country – Sydney and Melbourne are already ticked off, with events in Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Brisbane scheduled for July and dates for Canberra, the Gold Coast and Brisbane to be announced.

Online meetings for the association’s sector pillars of organisers, venues, suppliers and bureaux have also largely been set down for the start of August, with the bureau pillar the only one to have not locked in a date. Special interest group meetings for sustainability, work health and safety, education, life members and emerging leaders have all been set for the middle to the end of August.

While also seeking its new leader, the association says it is currently working to establish state and territory chapters, complete its advocacy framework, appoint members of the industry to its four open board positions and transition members of founding associations, the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) and the Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB), to the new body.

“We’ve had plenty of time to gain clarity over what will benefit our members and the industry most,” said ABEA’s board chair Peter King.

“We understand that a new association needs to prove its worth to its people, and we are confident not only in what we are offering, but in our ability to deliver it,” he said, regarding releasing the association’s 90 day plan.

“Our longer-term plans are also in play, however the way we start this new entity is key for its future success.”

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