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Regional Victoria showcased via the Australian Open

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Regional Victoria showcased via the Australian Open
Having lost the opportunity to showcase its regions when the state government withdrew from hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, regional Victoria is being featured in front of the global audience watching this year’s Australian Open tennis grand slam in Melbourne.

Victoria Tourism Industry Council CEO, Felicia Mariani, said the Australian Open was “the perfect way to showcase the excitement and energy that is part of Victoria’s DNA and the role of our enviable major events calendar that makes our state truly unique in Australia”.

She said destination marketing around the world had become “more of the same” with locations promoting things such as beautiful beaches, sunshine, blue waters, and pristine hinterland.

Mariani said the new VTIC campaign that airs during the tennis broadcast “has landed on the perfect recipe, stretching the boundaries to illustrate why our state is ‘Every Bit Different’ and lifting the lid on what sets Victoria apart in a stream of sameness in destination marketing”.

“’Every Bit Different’ brings both metro Melbourne and the regions together under a single unifying brand and will promote regional Victoria in key interstate markets, something that has not occurred for nearly a decade,” she explained, adding that there had not been a distinct destination brand for Victoria since 2015.

 “The industry looks forward to working in partnership with Visit Victoria as together we illustrate to the world why we are just that ‘Every Bit Different’.”

Business Events Victoria is the arm of VTIC dedicated to growing regional Victoria’s meetings, conference and events market.

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