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Leasing opportunities released for Western Sydney Airport business precinct

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Leasing opportunities released for Western Sydney Airport business precinct
With less than one thousand days until Western Sydney International Airport opens, new opportunities are materialising.

As the opening of Sydney’s second airport gets nearer, leasing opportunities in the airport’s business precinct have been released.

Engagement is also ramping up – alongside the Lights on Western Sydney event held on April 5, the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue held the Airport City Summit 2024 last Thursday, April 11, with more than 450 people attending, including the likes of the BESydney team.

Last week’s event focussed on the broader opportunities offered by the opening of the new airport, which is now said to have capacity for five million passengers in its first year and is expected to be Australia’s busiest airport by 2060, servicing 82 million passengers each year. Unlike Sydney’s existing airport, Western Sydney International Airport will have no curfew.

With construction of the airport now 70 per cent complete, the airport has partnered with Charter Hall to develop the business precinct, a 13.25ha on-airport site.

Charter Hall has released an information memorandum of leasing opportunities for stage one of the business precinct, which includes a hotel and conference facilities.

The hotel will be 154 rooms and the proposal is for 600m2 of conference space.

“This is an exciting time for all kinds of businesses to join our new Business Precinct that’s geared to grow and evolve over time as the airport builds to ultimately become Sydney’s biggest international gateway,” said Western Sydney Airport CEO Simon Hickey.

An “aerotropolis” – which the state government is positioning as another city – called Bradfield is also planned near the airport, with a focus on innovation and target sectors and activities including advanced manufacturing, technology and research.

The Western Sydney International Airport is scheduled to start servicing commercial flights and freight in late 2026.

Qantas and Jetstar have already signed up to put around four million passengers through airport when it opens.

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