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ICC Sydney launches Disability Inclusion Action Plan

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ICC Sydney launches Disability Inclusion Action Plan
The convention centre has launched its action plan out to 2027 to improve its offering for attendees with a disability.

The plan focuses on four areas where there are improvements to be made to support greater inclusion for people with disabilities: culture, the built and digital environments and employment.

“Together with Get Skilled Access, we undertook consultation with our team to more deeply understand where our strengths are and where there is opportunity to improve the overall accessibility of our venue services – from content presented across our digital channels to implementing training for our team to best support people with hidden disabilities, our new Disability Inclusion Action Plan is a blueprint for enhancing our services so that every visitor feels a sense of belonging and inclusion,” said ICC Sydney CEO, Geoff Donaghy.

“In step with attendee expectations for accessible events outlined in our RESPECT: Shaping Events for Success report, we are cognisant of ensuring that every aspect of our visitors’ journey is considered, and appropriate adjustments are made to remove any barriers to a positive experience.”

Get Skilled Access was founded by Australian wheelchair tennis player Dylan Alcott and engages consultants who are disabled, have lived experience of disability or who are allies of disability inclusion to advise on better inclusion and access.

“During our discovery phase, we identified that ICC Sydney has much to be proud of and we look forward to supporting their team to foster an even more welcoming and inclusive culture that reflects the rich tapestry of our society and celebrates diversity,” said Get Skilled Access consultant Bridie McKim.

“At Get Skilled Access we applaud ICC Sydney for challenging biases and perceptions to create an inclusive environment through their first Disability Inclusion Action Plan.”

Actions identified in the venue’s plan include improving universal access to ICC Sydney’s stages, providing disability capability and confidence training for the whole of ICC Sydney’s staff, from executive leadership to casual employees, and improving wayfinding for visitors with a disability.

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