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IBTM World report shows stress, passion and a lack of reward

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IBTM World report shows stress, passion and a lack of reward
IBTM World’s Culture Creators Report for 2023 has some curiously contradictory results.

On the bright side, most surveyed organisers – 73 per cent – said the number of events organised has increased over the last three years. Sixty-one per cent also said their budgets had increased, but conversely, 57 per cent said budgets were their biggest challenge.

A huge 79 per cent of organisers said their job was more stressful since the pandemic began, with 61 per cent saying they had taken on extra responsibilities since 2020.

However, despite additional stress and responsibilities, 90 per cent of respondents said their reward package – one assumes their pay and benefits – had not changed over this time.

And yet, despite the apparent downsides, 64 per cent of organisers said they would recommend entering the events industry to family and friends.

The majority of respondents also agreed that the businesses for which they organise events understand the importance of events and give them the recognition they deserve, with 66 per cent agreeing with this statement. An even larger proportion – 87 per cent – believe the work from home culture catalysed by the pandemic has made events more essential than ever before.

“It goes without saying that events are back with a bang post-pandemic, and while that often feels like a thing of the past, we are currently experiencing a different epidemic – burnout,” said IBTM World’s marketing manager Nick Nagle, in reference to the high number of organisers who confirmed an increase in stress and responsibilities.

“Stress isn’t a new topic for event planners but we’re now working with a backdrop of new challenges. This is undoubtedly taking its toll on the industry, as our data highlights, and we need to do more to support amidst the increased pressures,” said Nagle.

The Culture Creators Report, titled The World’s Best Business Events (And The People Who Create Them) will be discussed during a panel on the third day of the conference program that accompanies the IBTM World’s show floor later this month.

A major fixture on the global business events industry calendar, IBTM World will take place November 28 to 30 in Barcelona, Spain.

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