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AIME 2024 Knowledge Program: Attracting and retaining talent

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The Australian business events industry has faced significant challenges in attracting and retaining talent, especially post pandemic.

Produced in partnership with the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Events (AIME)

The loss of talent and the overall skills shortage in Australia have impacted the industry, making it crucial for businesses to devise strategies to address these issues.

In her role as CEO of the Australian Business Events Association (ABEA) Melissa Brown is at the forefront of advocating for the industry and sees first-hand the challenges it is facing.

ABEA is a key supporter of AIME and is a sponsor of the Leaders Forum and Knowledge Program that kick off the three-day event in Melbourne on February 19, 2024.

The pandemic forced the business events industry to adapt, leading to the departure of many talented individuals who were uncertain about the industry’s future. However, as the industry bounces back, we can expect this trend to reverse.

There are several other challenges that the industry must address, Brown says.

“There is a generational shift under way. Post-COVID workforce expectations are changing, with individuals seeking more flexible hours, reduced weekend work and higher salaries. Accommodating these expectations in a seven-day-a-week industry is a significant challenge that requires planning and innovative solutions,” she says.

AIME 2024 Knowledge Program: Attracting and retaining talent
Melissa Brown, CEO of the Australian Business Events Industry

The business events industry is often perceived as one where individuals “fall into events” rather than choose it as a deliberate career path. To attract and retain talent, clear and articulated career paths must be established.

“We also must highlight the rewards and work with educational institutions to develop relevant and consistent education,” Brown says.

According to Brown, just like all industries, the business events industry must strive for greater diversity and inclusiveness. Embracing diversity not only promotes a more inclusive environment but also enhances creative thinking, problem-solving, and the development of new products and services.

Collaboration with international organisations and associations, such as the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), can provide an opportunity to develop cultural diversity programs.

“Engaging with an international perspective, particularly from our neighbours in Asia, will enhance inclusiveness within the Australian business events industry,” Brown says.

Industry associations, such as ABEA, play a vital role in promoting the business events industry as a career choice. They facilitate networking opportunities, mentorship programs and advocate for training and development opportunities.

Brown says ongoing professional development is crucial for the growth of individuals within the business events industry. Industry associations, such as ABEA, and events such as AIME, play a significant role in facilitating professional development.

“For those newer to the industry, AIME is the perfect opportunity to hone skills, meet some of the biggest, best and brightest in the global business events community and see where a career could take them,” she says.

AIME 2024 Knowledge Program: Attracting and retaining talent
The AIME Knowledge Program in 2023

Delivering outstanding scope for career development, the access AIME provides to the global community of business events professionals has helped chart the course of many successful, long-term careers in the industry.

“Part of our vision for ABEA is to build visible career pathways for those entering or working within the industry. Following the unification of three organisations to form ABEA to cohesively represent the Australian business events industry, it is our responsibility to build training and employment opportunities across the community,” Brown says.

AIME 2024 will run February 19 –21, 2024 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. For more information or to register to attend AIME visit aime.com.au.

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