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Adelaide joins international sustainability movement

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Adelaide joins international sustainability movement
Adelaide has joined the growing number of Australian cities in the Global Destination Sustainability Movement (GDS-Movement).

The movement provides benchmarking, assessment and further opt-in consultancy services for destinations looking to become more sustainable, both environmentally and socially. The GDS-Movement has a particular focus on the tourism and business events space.

The GDS-Movement also produces an annual index of sustainable cities, ranking each city that has joined the movement. In the most recent index 100 cities were included, with the majority based in Europe.

Adelaide’s membership is being managed by Business Events Adelaide.

Damien Kitto, CEO of Business Events Adelaide, believes that Adelaide’s assessment for the annual index will help shed light on where the city sits compared to its global competitors – both its strengths and weaknesses.

“We are aware that sustainability issues are becoming an increasingly important consideration for business event organisers and delegates,” said Kitto.

“Business event delegates visiting Adelaide often refer to our green, walkable city-in-a-park, so whilst we feel this is an advantage over other destinations, talking about it is no longer enough. We need to demonstrate practices that reduce the impact on our planet, especially in a country like Australia, with delegates conscious of the carbon footprint associated with their travel.

“Working with a recognised global authority like GDS-Movement will help Adelaide to develop action plans to build a solid sustainability profile,” he said.

“It is good for business, but more importantly, it is the right thing to do for the future, and we look forward to working with our members, strategic partners and stakeholders in positioning Adelaide as a clean destination of choice.”

Adelaide Convention Centre already has significant sustainability credentials to its name, last year becoming the first convention centre in the world to reach master certification with EarthCheck, representing 15 years of continuous sustainability improvement.

In last year’s GDS-Index, all three existing Australian cities participating – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – sat within the global top 40. Melbourne was ranked 27, Sydney was ranked 29 and Brisbane was ranked 37.

The GDS-Movement’s CEO and founder, Guy Bigwood, said cities that join the index generally experience an upward sustainability trajectory.

“The GDS-Index data reveals a positive trend: cities that join the Index consistently enhance their sustainability strategies, improve their practices and drive impact. We are excited to work with Adelaide on this important journey.”

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