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State government lifts concert cap on Sydney stadium precinct

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State government lifts concert cap on Sydney stadium precinct
The tiny annual cap for concerts at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and Allianz Stadium has been lifted significantly.

A four-concert-per-year cap will be lifted to 20, after the state’s Labor government amended a limit put in over 20 years ago.

The 16 additional concerts are expected to injected up to $120 million into the NSW economy.

Two of the 20 permitted concerts can be 10-hour festivals.

The raised cap has undergone an eight-month community and stakeholder engagement period.

“For too long NSW has missed out on world-class acts because of an archaic restriction that killed fun in our city and hurt the economy,” said NSW Premier, Chris Minns.

The state minister for sport and small business, Steve Kamper, said it was time to start using the full potential of these venues.

“The red tape that has hampered our ability to host concerts at Allianz Stadium and the SCG has cost this state hundreds of millions of dollars. That red tape is officially gone and Sydney can now secure more live music than ever before,” said Kamper.

“By unlocking the stadium, we are also unlocking millions of dollars of economic activity for our local visitor economy and surrounding businesses.”

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