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Sidekicker Jobs Index suggests casual event staff shortage is over

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The new Jobs Index from temporary staffing platform Sidekicker shows possible staff for each shift available in the hospitality and events space has risen by 315 per cent between April 2022 and April 2023, indicating the battle to find short term staff in the events industry is over.

In April 2023, Sidekicker had an average of six applicants for each shift it filled in events and hospitality.

The supply issue may have eased in part because businesses no longer require as many casual staff from the platform, with micenet hearing anecdotally that industry businesses have by and large scaled back up to service their client needs.

SIdekicker confirmed requests from hospitality and event businesses were down 41 per cent in the year to April and they’re expecting demand to remain “subdued” during winter.

Sidekicker’s research also indicates wages for hospitality and event staff have fallen by around six per cent over the last year.

Across all the industries Sidekicker services, applications per shift have grown 145 per cent.

“We continue to see labour pressures ease with job applications per shift growing 145 per cent YoY,” said Sidekicker CEO Thomas Amos.

“One of the core drivers of easing labour pressures is the return of international workers, with growth in this sector outstripping local registrations. Overall international registrations have grown 160 per cent YoY compared to 70 per cent YoY growth for location registrations.”

According to federal government data, 540,000 international students were in Australia in February 2023, a 26 per cent rise compared to a year earlier.

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