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Sebastian Terry on his AIME 2024 Knowledge Program keynote

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The theme for AIME’s 2024 Knowledge Program has been announced: “The 4Ps of GLOCALISATION” will explore the relationship between global insights and local nuances.

Produced in partnership with the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME)

In a keynote presentation, bestselling author, TV host and founder of the 100 Things movement Sebastian Terry will explore the intricate dynamics of glocalisation’s transformative impact.

The AIME 2024 Knowledge Program is attended by hosted buyers, media, exhibitors and visitor buyers who upgrade their ticket.

Sebastian Terry integrates individual evolution with professional development and his one-of-a-kind story has become a powerful catalyst for personal growth and organisational transformation.

The sudden loss of a childhood friend caused Terry to take time out to reflect on what was important to him. He wrote down a list of 100 things he always wanted to do – and has since spent his life ticking them off, one by one.

This process of reflection, of goal setting and of finding passion in life has taken Terry around the globe, impacting millions of people and influencing thousands of organisations.

He says unlocking passion helps to create peak performance, deep connection and transformation and goal-setting is key.

“Being able to uncover what we are passionate about in all aspects of our life, whether it’s travel, in the workplace with a professional career, whether it’s creativity with loved ones or friends, I think if you’re able to at least integrate passion into the things that you do, you find more meaning in things at large in life,” he says.

“Adding meaningful goals into our lives, no matter how big or small, helps us to understand who we are and to live as authentically as we can.

“You become 42 per cent more likely to achieve a goal by writing it down. You become 65 per cent more likely to achieve a goal by sharing it with someone.”

Sebastian Terry on his AIME 2024 Knowledge Program keynote
Attendees at the AIME Knowledge Program in 2023

Organisations including Google and Bank of America have embraced Terry’s “Passion Effect” as the driving force for peak performance, mental wellness and a thriving workplace culture.

Thanks to the support of speaker bureau, ICMI, Terry says he is looking forward to sharing his story at AIME and imparting his 8-step framework that will allow Knowledge Program attendees to create and activate their most meaningful goals.

“Fifteen years on [from writing his 100 things to do] not only has my life been transformed, but I’ve discovered along the way that there is a ripple effect to the way we live our lives that influences and shapes the people around us.

“With passion, comes improved mental health, better life balance and improved outcomes,” he says.

AIME 2024 will run 19 –21 February, 2024 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

For more information or to register to attend AIME visit aime.com.au

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