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Novotel partners with the WWF

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Novotel partners with the WWF
The ocean is the focus of a new partnership between Novotel and conservation organisation the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Through the three-year partnership, across the 580 Novotel properties around the world, the Accor midscale brand will support five WWF conservation projects and develop a science-based action plan addressing three of the targets in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 – life below the water.

“Novotel’s commitment and investment in ocean preservation, alongside the WWF, represent a major turning point in its history,” said Accor’s chief sustainability officer, Brune Poirson.

“It demonstrates the determination of the brand and the Accor Group to act resolutely in favour of biodiversity and fight climate change, while inspiring the entire sector.”

Novotel will focus on reducing ocean pollution and acidification, fighting overfishing and promoting sustainable fishing models and increasing scientific knowledge and research for ocean health.

With the WWF providing its technical expertise to the hotel brand, Novotel’s action plan will be based on four pillars – reducing its plastic, water and carbon footprint, making sustainable food choices, educating hotel guests and local communities on the importance of the ocean and how to protect it and contributing to research and innovation.

The plan will see Novotel properties reduce meat, fish and waste within food and beverage offerings and further develop sustainable seafood policies.

As part of the partnership, the WWF is undertaking extensive site visits of Novotel properties to understand the hotels’ operations and practices, to assess procurement data and make recommendations on possible improvements.

The five WWF projects that Novotel will support include tracking and tracing marine turtles in the Asia Pacific, protecting sea turtles in the Western Atlantic and identifying and removing lost and abandoned fishing gear, which is considered the deadliest form of marine plastic waste.

Accor’s chief commercial officer for its premium, midscale and economy division, Karelle Lamouche, called the partnership groundbreaking.

“There is a deep imbalance in the way the ocean is treated,” said Lamouche.

“Globally, over-exploitation and pollution are depleting the ocean’s resources, while only a tiny fraction of climate finance is allocated to its preservation.

“The ocean’s health affects us all and our collective actions have a profound impact.

“We will rebalance how we engage with it, consume its resources, and invest in its protection and restoration. 

“As a primarily land-based brand, Novotel has a unique opportunity to increase awareness of the impact everyone, everywhere has on the ocean and inspire positive change for the ocean’s future.

“Novotel, Accor’s founding brand, is a powerful brand, leading the midscale segment in most of the world.

“Today, we are starting a bold new ambition, championing a sustainability cause globally.

“Novotel has a long-standing commitment to innovation and balance, and we now take that commitment further, by choosing to help the greatest source of balance on our planet – the ocean.

“Together with our partners, teams and guests, Novotel will lead the charge toward a sustainable future for our oceans, pioneering a new era of environmental stewardship in our hotels and driving industry change.”

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