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Novatech initiatives deliver major increase to wages

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Novatech initiatives deliver major increase to wages
A variety of measures introduced by Adelaide production company Novatech have seen the average production wage rise by 30 per cent.

Some staff have seen their take-home pay jump by up to 50 per cent.

Novatech says it has managed to increase pay across the board without passing on the costs to clients. This achievement is attributed in part to ‘significant investment’ in new systems and processes which have delivered efficient improvements.

After rolling out an above average wage increase in 2022 and implementing several new allowances and revising their time off in lieu system, to increase the pay packets taken home by its staff, Novatech Creative Event Technology has made more changes in 2023 to give staff the opportunity for another pay bump.

“The last 12 months have proven that the changes we adopted in 2022 were not only the right thing to do, they are sustainable, profitable, and a win-win for both us and our workers,” said Notatech’s managing director Leko Novakovic.

“We introduced these changes in response to the spiralling cost of living, and it only got worse after successive interest rate rises.

“We’re happy to say we’ve kept ahead of the challenges of the last 12 months and are going even further to look after our greatest asset, which is our people, all while continuing to deliver world-class production across Australia.”

The company has increased its rates for all casual workers and increased overtime eligibility, while also raising its Production Shift Allowance by five per cent, to further incentivise office-based staff to work on live events. Novatech’s project managers now receive a 35 per cent higher rate to work on live gigs, while technicians get a 15 per cent higher per-hour rate.

In addition, Novatech has introduced a $4,000 bonus for staff with a new baby in the household, as well as instigating reward and recognition leave, which offers up to two weeks’ additional leave each.

Other employee benefits have also continued including reimbursing staff for gym memberships, offering discounts at thousands of retail outlets and funding external professional development for staff.

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