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ICC Sydney’s Gabriella Alberici leads winning team in AIPC Challenge

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ICC Sydney’s Gabriella Alberici leads winning team in AIPC Challenge
Gabriella Alberici’s Future Force team pitched a talent platform as part of the Future Shapers Annual Challenge run by the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC).

The technology platform concept aims to raise the profile of the business events industry by providing a global hub for talent development, attraction and retention to grow the talent pool for convention centres around the world.

The platform would connect students, freelancers, educational institutions, venues and business events associations.

The competing idea was for another technology platform to provide clearer, more efficient communications between convention centre staff and event clients.

Both ideas were presented at the AIPC annual conference in Costa Rica last week, with delegates deciding on the winning idea based on a variety of considerations including innovation and market and financial viability.

On Alberici’s team were leaders from other convention centres in France, Northern Island and Malaysia.

The pitch last week was the culmination of a nine-month program for the nine Future Shapers participants. The program included masterclasses with a variety of experts in customer service, entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as industry mentoring.

“The AIPC Future Shapers are not only building their own net worth and skillset, they are contributing to a more productive and effective convention centre management industry,” said AIPC chair Greg O’Dell.

“We now have six whitepapers for concepts that are in a range of phases of implementation, further research or viability testing, including the Optimum Yield management platform which has been built and phase one has been implemented at Marina Bay Sands.”

ICC Sydney has had staff participate in all three iterations of the Future Shapers program to date. The centre’s director of corporate affairs, communication and sustainability, Samantha Glass, was a founding member of the international taskforce which steers the initiative.

“We set out to deliver a unique program to accelerate the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of our industry’s high performers,” said Glass.

“This year the participants have once again presented practical solutions to solve industry problems.”

ICC Sydney at large is also firmly behind the Future Shapers program.

“We are incredibly proud to have established a culture that encourages our team of professionals to participate in this world class program that fosters innovation back in our business while building their global networks – which underpins the success we deliver for our clients today and into the future,” said ICC Sydney CEO, Geoff Donaghy.

“ICC Sydney’s AIPC Future Shaper graduates have certainly represented the venue to the highest possible standard.

“Gabriella’s outstanding achievement as the team leader of the winning team, Future Force, is a testament to her tenacity, collaboration and world class venue management practices.

“Our investment in upskilling and training coupled with our people’s ingenuity ensures that ICC Sydney remains at the fore of event management and technical delivery,” said Donaghy.

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