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Global travel and events company buys Sydney event agency

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Global travel and events company buys Sydney event agency
London-founded The Appointment Group (TAG) will acquire CCM Travel, a Sydney travel and events company focussed on the hospitality and gaming industries.

TAG has bought the Sydney business to expand the reach of its events division. The Appointment Group already has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Discussions around an acquisition began between the Australian leaders of the two businesses last year.

“CCM has an enviable market position as the go-to event planner for the hospitality and gaming industry,” said managing director of TAG for Asia Pacific, Shane Barr.

“The gaming industry is similar in many ways to the entertainment industry in that the feel of doing the business is the same.

“Most of CCM’s clients have an international, global and event footprint so, naturally, the acquisition will allow us to support these clients within TAG’s 18 global offices.

“This move will enable clients to consolidate their travel and event spending on a global scale.

“Acquiring such an incredible organisation will better suit the needs for established clients and merging our areas of expertise will benefit future clients moving forward.”

CCM Travel will continue to operate under its own name for the next six months, with the addition of a “powered by TAG” slogan, before it and its team is fully integrated into the TAG brand and becomes part of its events division.

“A huge reason for my excitement about joining forces with TAG is their reputation,” said CCM Travel’s founder and managing director Catherine Mancuso.

“All hotels and airlines speak so highly of the company, and not just in Australia—numerous countries around the globe say the same thing. For me, it confirms that I am making the right decision to join such a professional and respected organisation.

“As I enter the latter chapter of my career, I am grateful that CCM Travel has been fortunate enough to partner with incredible clients.

“Our missing piece is to have a trusted team behind us to support these clients in the future. I have no doubt that TAG is that trusted team and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.”

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