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GCCEC debuts new accessibility tool

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GCCEC debuts new accessibility tool
The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) has launched a “visual welcome story” to help visitors prepare for attending the venue.

The centre’s team believes this is a first for an Australian convention centre.

The new resource was produced in partnership with Autism Queensland and is aimed at those with accessibility needs. It covers information about accessing the venue and an insight into what the experience of visiting GCCEC will be like.

Autism Queensland says one in five Australians has a disability, around one in seven identify as being neurodivergent and one in 70 has autism.

“Welcome stories are designed to help visitors prepare for their journey to a new venue or event, making them feel comfortable and welcome in the space,” said CEO of Autism Queensland, Pam Macrossan.

GCCEC’s general manager Adrienne Readings said the venue wanted to be an accessibility leader among convention centres.

 “We have always worked hard to ensure that the convention centre is accessible to all types of visitors and we are proud to add resources such as the Welcome Story. This year, Queensland’s Year of Accessible Tourism is helping ensure that the state is a destination for people of all abilities, and we want to help lead the way for venues.”

GCCEC also has an accessibility guide laying out key information about wheelchair access, access for those with vision or hearing impairment and those with sensory needs.

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