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Call for input into global industry research

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Call for input into global industry research
UK-based The Business of Events is seeking insight from destinations for a global report on the business events industry.

The final Global Destination Report will be launched at IBTM World in Barcelona at the end of November.

The research is being completed via a collaboration between The Business of Events, IBTM and Meet in Ireland. Industry connector Sarah Fleming Associates will undertake the survey on behalf of the three organisations.

The survey, aimed at convention bureaux and destinations, covers relationships with government, funding, the value of business events to regions and future-building.

Australian industry who wish to contribute to the research can do so by taking the survey online by October 2.

“We’re delighted to be supporting The Business of Events’ Global Destination Report in 2023,” said Meet in Ireland’s head of emerging markets and business tourism, David Boyce.

“Research such as this is valuable for analysing the marketplace and to ensure destinations are both competitive and well-equipped to offer the very best event experiences.

 “In the Republic of Ireland, we know the value of having a strong business events sector, and research such as the Global Destination Report helps us to advocate for a strong industry.”

Over at The Business of Events, the organisation’s director of news and content Martin Fullard highlighted destinations’ role in advancing the industry.

 “Destinations play a vital role in advocating for a strong business events sector within their cities, regions or countries. They are on the front line of understanding buyer trends and are therefore well positioned to advocate for the sector,” he said.

“The industry has experienced an excellent bounce back over the last two years, and we expect the 2023 Global Destination Report to provide evidence of a continued upwards trend.”

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