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Brand unveiled for Geelong convention centre

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Brand unveiled for Geelong convention centre
The brand for the Nyaal Banyul Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre has been developed in consultation with the local Traditional Owners.

The venue’s Aboriginal name ‘Nyaal Banyul’ gifted to the centre by the Wadawurrung traditional owners means ‘open your eyes to the hills’. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust (MCET), which runs the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and will run the new Geelong centre, engaged with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation throughout the process to conceptualise the venue’s brand.

According to a statement from MCET, the brand encourages visitors to seek a new perspective through the knowledge and ideas shared at the events held at the venue.

The brand mark is influenced by the hills and layers of Country that come together to form an eye, speaking to the invitation to find a different perspective and englightenment at the venue.

The colours used in the brand are also a nod to Sky Country, from sunrise to sunset and into the night.

The brand has been designed to pay homage to the site of the centre, which has been a gathering place for the Wadawurrung people for thousands of years.

“We’re thrilled to launch the inaugural brand for Nyaal Banyul, which celebrates First Nations culture and storytelling and is influenced by the architecture of the venue,” said MCEC’s chief executive, Natalie O’Brien AM.

“We’ve collaborated with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners to develop a brand that the whole Geelong community can be proud of, as well as creating a captivating value proposition for customers and visitors, that encourages belonging, sharing and seeking.”

MCEC’s head of marketing, Elizabeth Kozmevski, said it was an “honour to create a brand with deep meaning and purpose for Nyaal Banyul, leading with story of country and reflecting the energy of Geelong”.

“The new brand embodies our goals for Nyaal Banyul, creating a space for belonging and gathering, where individuals can not only share and seek knowledge, but also be inspired by the diversity of landscape and cultural heritage that surrounds us.”

According to Wadawurrung woman, Corrina Eccles, “the name Nyaal Banyul encourages people to open their eyes to the hills of Wadawurrung Country, for these hills hold our stories, resources and our strong sense of belonging”.

“The brand acknowledges our deep connection to this place, the Western Cliffs of Djilang, which have always been a gathering place for Wadawurrung People.”

Construction of the venue has already begun, with the centre expected to open in 2026.

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