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Bonza launches group bookings arm

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Bonza launches group bookings arm
Australia’s new low-cost airline Bonza is targeting business events organisers with a group bookings offering.

Event organisers can work with Bonza’s “Group Travel Champions” if they are looking to fly a group of 10 or more attendees with the airline, which primarily services regional routes around Australia.

“We’re thrilled to bolster and formalise our group booking capabilities at Bonza,” said Bonza’s CEO Tim Jordan.

“We have already seen healthy demand for group bookings as more people are choosing to travel to regional locations for business events.

“There’s also a very healthy appetite to travel Bonza for sporting events and in fact, one of our first-ever bookings when we first went on sale in January was for 550 netball players travelling to Townsville for a tournament and we’re humbled to see them return again for next year’s event,” he said.

Group bookings includes both hand luggage and checked luggage as well as seat selection. Bonza will also provide complimentary name changes on group bookings until two days before each flight.

The airline has been expanding its route map since launching in early 2023 and now includes services between Gold Coast and Darwin, Gold Coast and Launceston in Tasmania, Melbourne and Mackay in Queensland and Melbourne and Alice Springs.  

To celebrate the launch of an official group bookings avenue, the airline is offering 20 per cent off group bookings on more than 300,000 flights for organisers using the same discount promo code currently being offered to individual fliers when getting in touch with the group bookings division by this Sunday. There are three travel periods to take advantage of the discounts between November 2023 and March 2024.

Bonza believes end-of-year team celebrations could include flying across the country.

“We are hearing from a number of organisations who are choosing to celebrate the end of the year with a trip across our network for the same price as a traditional restaurant booking or catered event,” said Jordan.

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