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Auckland to host AI conference in December

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Auckland to host AI conference in December
New Zealand’s artificial intelligence credentials will be on show when Auckland hosts the 31st International Conference of Neural Information Processing (ICONIP 2024) at the end of the year.

Experts in fields including neuroscience, neural networks and deep learning will share and discuss the latest research and innovation in AI, data analytics and computer modelling.

To be hosted by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in early December, the meeting is expected to attract around 300 delegates from New Zealand and around the world and inject NZ$600,000 into the Auckland economy.

“Hosting this prestigious conference in New Zealand can stimulate innovation and research collaboration within the country and worldwide,” said AUT senior lecturer Maryam Doborjeh, who led the successful bid for the conference, alongside Professor Michael Witbrock from the University of Auckland.

“It can inspire and engage international and local researchers, students and industry stakeholders, encouraging them to showcase their technology, explore new ideas, pursue research opportunities and contribute to advancements in computational modelling.”

Doborjeh said AI is already being used across several sectors in New Zealand.

“New Zealand has been leveraging AI technologies to enhance data analysis, predictive modelling and decision-making processes across industries such as healthcare, finance, agriculture, transportation and many more.

“For example, AI-driven data modelling techniques have been utilised to analyse agricultural data for optimising crop yields and resource allocation, as well as in financial institutions for risk assessment and fraud detection. AI-driven health data modelling has also been developed for diagnosis and prognosis of health conditions.”

Head of tech and innovation at Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, Marissa Brindley, said Auckland’s technology sector was already strong.

“Our thriving tech and innovation sector drives productivity and prosperity, delivering an impressive $13.6 billion to the region’s GDP.

“Hosting ICONIP is a testament to our region’s prowess in this sector and contributes to Auckland being recognised as a globally competitive tech hub.”

The bid to host ICONIP 2024 was supported by both Auckland Convention Bureau, which is part of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, and Tourism New Zealand’s subvention funding through its Conference Assistance Programme.

The meeting was last held in New Zealand in 2008.

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