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Are we having fun yet? Does your face know?

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Are we having fun yet? Does your face know?
Sometimes we forget. We are so into getting things organised that we forget we are having fun. We are chasing sponsors, organising speakers, getting AV sorted and simply feeling exhausted.

I am yet to meet an event person who doesn’t describe their job as “fun”. Not always, it just seems that our industry has a lot of fun going on – for others and for ourselves. So, what do we do when it doesn’t feel that way? What do we do when the fun has given way to that feeling of “trudging”?

The Minister for Fun once told me, “If it’s not fun, don’t do it. If you have to do it, make it fun!”

Here are a few ideas to reinject fun into your day when it slips away:

Smile. Not that crazy smile, just a simple, normal, average, everyday smile. Research shows our brain can’t tell the difference between a fake smile and a real one, so start with a fake one and you will be surprised how quickly a real one comes along.

Make it a game. Sometimes we need to do mundane things. Many years ago, working in a call centre, we used to see who could inject a certain word or phrase into a conversation. While talking about banking, it was fabulous to use the words “peanut butter” three times in one conversation. Yes, it’s silly, but it made a mundane task a lot more fun.

Reward yourself. Notice that is “reward” and not “bribe”. It is AFTER you have completed the work, then you get the special coffee, bunch of flowers, or whatever reward you set. You don’t get it beforehand as that does not inspire you as much.

Get others involved. The common saying of “a problem shared is a problem halved” is true. If you are able to share the load with someone, that sense of camaraderie and team will help lift your spirits and keep you focused. There is a type of accountability when working with someone else. For most people, this helps keep you on track.

Plan for fun. Abraham Lincoln said, “most people are as happy as they make up their mind to be”. If you know something is going to be a hard slog, plan some fun. Plan an ice-cream break. Plan a two-minute impersonation contest. Plan a best client pick-up line competition. Whatever you need to ensure that you know fun is coming.

Smile. Yes, this point is repeated. It is too important not to be. Make sure your face knows you are having a good time because this will rub off on those around you and make it better for everyone.

You work in the most fun industry there is. Make sure you are taking advantage of that and have fun along the way. Here’s to the fun of a new financial year. Let’s make it count!

Warwick Merry is a global award-winning event host and event evangelist. For over 20 years he has been hosting and producing online, hybrid and in-person events. He is the host of the Making Events Awesome livestream and Making Events Awesome group.

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