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A glimpse inside Encore’s Amway feat

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A glimpse inside Encore’s Amway feat
Encore Event Technologies won the bid to design and produce several events for Amway China’s New Zealand incentive in 2023, including the closing gala dinners. Here’s a taste of what the team delivered.

Amway China’s event brought approximately 10,000 delegates to Auckland and Queenstown in waves between October and December.

“We dedicated our heavyweight creative, production and technology expertise to deliver a brand-defining set of ‘moments that matter’,” said Encore’s APAC managing director, Scott Nodsle.

“These included leadership sessions, cocktail receptions and the gala dinners with main show performances – embracing the organisation’s values and the best of New Zealand.

“We wanted delegates to really remember this night for the rest of their lives as one of the best shows they’ve ever seen and to take lots of pictures for their social media.”

The final gala dinners were held in Auckland and Queenstown.

“[It was] a show that we put on 15 times throughout the two months to groups of approximately 600 at a time,” said Nodsle.

“We started planning for this show about 12 months in advance.”

The events included projection mapping onto each table, individual place setting and the stage, with imagery evolving during the evening and according to the entertainment. In Queenstown, the event was delivered at the Queenstown Ice Arena, with content tracking sensors highlighting performers on the ice.

During the meal service, a huge mountain shaped LED screen transformed from New Zealand’s snow-capped mountains to lava that oozed over the stage.

 Entertainment included New Zealand born C-Pop star Laurence Larson, as well as JGEEKS, a Māori comedy dance troupe which blends traditional Māori dance with contemporary popular dance, Strings of Fire, combining acrobatics and pyrotechnics, and New Zealand glow dance group Vosper Tron.

Encore’s work for the Amway incentive took over 6,000 hours and 155m2 of LED screens, fifteen 20k projectors, 80 table projectors, eight curved screen projectors, four floor projectors and six semi-trailers of gear.

“We have a long history of delivering experiences for Amway having devised similar reward trips for delegations from Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea and Russia over the past 18 years in addition to other events for international clients,” said Nodsle.  

“Our mission has always been to ‘follow our customer’s journey and create events that transform and experiences that go beyond the ordinary’.”

A glimpse inside Encore’s Amway feat

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