Oliver Sheer has had a fast-paced early business career that doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.


Name: Oliver Sheer
Age: 27
Position: Managing director
Organisation: BeChallenged

My passion lies with bringing people closer together to make day-to-day tasks more enjoyable and therefore increasing quality of life. My interest into different personalities and how individuals interact started at a very young age and has only increased over the years through my heavy involvement in a variety of team sports, life experiences and study. I have observed, lead and developed many teams, and have a thorough understanding of what can be done to get the best out of each individual to form a highly successful and happy team.
In particular, team sport has shown me the importance of ensuring there is an element of fun and play to get the best results from everyone. I furthered my interest and knowledge in team dynamics by studying at the University of Technology Sydney, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Sport and Exercise Management as well as a Bachelor of Business. I found my keen interest in sport psychology, organisational psychology and people management only continued to reinforce my love for the development of successful teams, whatever the environment might be.
During the last eight years I have been running team-building programs, events and experiential learning workshops in order to help teams around Australia reach their full potential. The theory combined with my many years of practical experience has helped me get to where I am today- owning and managing a successful company which is growing and overcoming challenges on a daily basis.
There are three key areas I feel that have helped me achieve success:
I used my network and asked people who had been there and done it before for advice over coffee and followed their lead. Leanne Zeid took me to my first-ever networking event and I’ll never forget it – she is still an inspiration and mentor now.
I explored all opportunities – It’s actually been those that I attempted and failed that taught me the most important lessons about being successful in business. You never know where an opportunity might take you or even more importantly, what it will teach you.
And finally, I dared to dream, believed in my goals and was true to myself. There is no right or wrong way to be successful in life. It’s about choosing the path you are passionate about and working hard to achieve it.
I would like to leave you with one of my favorite sayings that my mum introduced me to at a young age, “Anyone can steer a ship in a calm sea.” m


Mentor comment:

I met Oliver when I secured the services of BeChallenged to assist with a conference program in 2008. Oliver’s enthusiasm and zest for life was infectious and our clients loved him. It also meant he was a great networker from day one so introducing him to the events industry at a Club MEA event was a great way to start him off in the industry. Five years on, his passion to achieve and succeed has resulted in ownership in BeChallenged and I have no doubt his positive attitude and endless energy will see him continue to grow and be successful in everything he does. Leanne Zeid – Director at Event Assist