By Annabel Sullivan, director, Strategic Social Profiles

Annabel Sullivan explains why it’s imperative to have LinkedIn pages for your business.

LinkedIn has always been my preferred social media platform.  I joined it in 2009.  At that time it had 46 million users compared to the 660 million users it has today.

I value that it continues to be a platform established for professional networking, provides an easy way to stay connected with like-minded professionals, and keeps me well informed on topics of interest.

In 2018, LinkedIn announced LinkedIn Pages. They are the next generation of LinkedIn Company Pages and were designed to make it easier for businesses to build their brands and connect with their audiences.

Today, more than 50 million organisations have a LinkedIn Page because they see it as another valuable channel through which they can reach new customers, engage with existing ones and connect with employees.

In this column, I will elaborate on the benefits of having a LinkedIn Page and will also highlight some useful features to help businesses make the most of it.

5 reasons why you need a LinkedIn page

  1. To Position Your Company – A LinkedIn page provides your business with the opportunity to tell your company’s story. It can be an extension of your website and any other marketing materials you might utilise. I strongly recommend that you complete all the information requested, because completed pages get 30 per cent more weekly views.  I also suggest that your LinkedIn Page have a similar look and feel to your website.  It’s another opportunity to reinforce your brand.
  2. To Engage Your Customers – To engage with your customers on social media, it’s essential to produce content, but it needs to be content your followers want to see (and hopefully share).  A LinkedIn Page enables you to create posts using images, videos or documents to introduce your products or services, new team members, successes you’ve had – information you know will be relevant to your audience.
  3. To Differentiate Your Business – If you want to stand apart from your competitors, focus on what makes your business offering different from theirs. Incorporate your unique factors into your company overview, your speciality areas and the posts that you share.  Think about your story, your philosophy, your people – the things that make you different to others.
  4. To Connect Internally & Amplify Your Message – Encouraging your employees to follow and share your LinkedIn Page delivers benefits for everyone. It’s an effective way to share your news, for employees to see what you’re saying about the business and also how your customers are engaging with it.  Getting employees to share posts will help amplify your message. It also provides them with quality content to share and build their visibility, grow their own networks and position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.
  5. To Recruit Talent – LinkedIn is known as a platform where professionals go to seek job opportunities. You can post job vacancies on your LinkedIn Page.  Jobs posted to your page will be viewed by your followers, your employee’s followers (if they share the post) and its reach can be extended, should the job opportunity be referred.

Three excellent LinkedIn pages features

  1. Invite To Follow – One of the biggest challenges with a LinkedIn Page has been how to grow your audience. LinkedIn has provided an awesome solution.  It’s now possible to invite your first-degree LinkedIn connections to also follow your LinkedIn Page.
  2. Choose How You Post – It’s now possible to choose whether you wish your post to come from you as an individual or be from your company. A drop-down option enables you to choose. It makes it easier to maintain your ‘Individual Profile’ and promote your company’s brand.
  3. Content Suggestions Tools – This feature is available to your LinkedIn Page administrator to help them better align the content they share with what your target audience wants to see. You choose an industry or a topic and it will suggest articles you can potentially share.  The perfect tool for those days when you’re struggling with what content to share.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality best known for his work in digital marketing and social media.

He recently said: “LinkedIn is in a very special place right now that only comes around every so often. It has become so popular as a platform, but the amount supply of content to meet the demand is so low that your post, no matter if it’s a picture, video, article, comic or anything else, can easily over-index relative to your follower count. This is a very similar situation to the early stages of Facebook and Instagram, so if you missed those opportunities, get on LinkedIn today because you do not want to miss this one.”

LinkedIn Is The Place To Be in 2020.

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