A new phrase was born at MEA’s Evolve 2019 conference that can now be used to describe when any keynote speaker seemingly ignores the brief and chooses to talk about whatever it is they want to talk about – `THE BOURIS’.

Speaking on day one of the conference, Mark Bouris was due to present a talk on `Accepting the Challenge… Strategies for Success in Tough, Competitive Markets’. Instead, his presentation was more like a manifesto on the underrated value of small business in Australia.

So many were looking forward to the presentation but it seems not a lot were satisfied at its conclusion with a speaker rating on the conference APP recording a score of two-and-half-stars out of a possible five.

So next time your conference keynote drifts well away from their advertised topic why not just say: “He’s done a Bouris” or “She’s having a Bouris” or “That presentation was absolute Bouris”.