October 29, 2021 | By Bronwen Largier

Wellington’s new convention and exhibition centre Tākina, set to open in 2023, has secured an earth sciences event rarely held in the Southern Hemisphere to take place at the venue in 2026.

The 22nd International Sedimentological Congress (ISC) is expected to host up to 1,000 delegates and inject an estimated $3.4 million in the New Zealand economy.

The event include field trips across New Zealand to cover as many of the nation’s sedimentary rock systems as possible.

“Geologically New Zealand is very interesting,” said lead organiser and Senior Geologist at GNS Science, Dr Mark Lawrence.

“It has a whole range of geological attributes concentrated in a relatively small geographic area. Then you have the impact of tectonics, and climate change. It’s essentially a neat, small-scale laboratory.

“This congress will be an excellent opportunity to showcase New Zealand sedimentology and for networking with international sedimentologists.”

Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager of Domestic & Business Events Bjoern Spreit agrees.

“Conferences like this showcase our expertise to the world and help grow our knowledge at home.”

Lawrence says the conference will also provide a significant benefit to those in the early stages of a career in geology.

“It will be particularly good for students who may otherwise be unlikely to attend such a prestigious event overseas. For those starting out in the field it’s a great opportunity to make these international contacts.”

WellingtonNZ General Manager David Perks is pleased to see the city’s soon-to-be flagship business events venue is already being taken into consideration by international organisers – more than a year before it’s due to be complete.

“While the congress doesn’t happen until 2026, it’s great to see that Tākina is already front of mind for international organisations. It was specifically designed to host international conferences of this size.”