Surging through the ranks of the MICE industry with tenacity, ambition, and unrelenting energy, Gen Y (born 1982-2002) is the future of the MICE industry. micenet ASIA keeps in touch with the millennials at every opportunity and regularly hears their ideas and points of view as voice of the new generation.

Hear them

Gen Y’s passion for the MICE industry is untainted by the cynicism inherent in their older colleagues. When asked to describe what they love about the industry words like dynamic, fulfilling, passionate, creative, innovative and exhilarating leapt from the page. The MICE industry offers ‘endless opportunities’ and ‘nothing beats the excitement… of organising an event’ and further talking to more members of this generation confirmed that Gen Y is excited about their jobs and also extremely knowledgeable about the industry.
Ranging from well-developed arguments about Singapore’s position in the international convention business, to espousing a more unified approach in the industry, Gen Y have their finger on the MICE industry’s pulse. Their technology laden upbringing and social media prowess is reflected in their ambitions for their clients’ events – they want more customisation and immediate interaction for their clients. Events should be memorable and definitive with the ‘use of technology simulation and visual experiences’ along with ‘more interconnected… through web/online communities’. Gen Y is client focused and driven by excellence.

“So to help bridge the generation gap, micenet ASIA wants to give Gen Y their time in the sun, their moment in the spotlight and their turn on the soapbox.”


Unfortunately, Gen Y is well aware of the misconceptions about them and their work ethics. Gen X is driven by independence while Baby Boomers thrive on adrenaline-charged assignments. Both generations earned success through patience, hard work and determination – virtues that Gen Y can certainly get cues from. Despite all their talents, many are guilty of passing judgment to them. We have all heard “they are really IT savvy and ambitious but so easily distracted” or “they are hard workers but want to be promoted straightaway – they have to do their time”. Gen Y knows that they are described as impatient, soft, adolescent, aggressive and job-hoppers. And it makes them angry.
In amongst all of the Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomer banter comes one very important message. The game has changed. Older generations are still basing their workplace model on the golden era of earning your stripes at the beck and call of your boss. No longer can we sit in our offices, issue orders and expect Gen Y to jump.
They have been raised as an inquisitive, free-minded and insightful generation. Constantly assailed by infinite communication (remember – few of them would remember a time when they couldn’t Google an answer), they learn, digest and act upon information in the same time a Baby Boomer has taken to find the sports section of the Sunday newspaper.
So to help bridge the generation gap, micenet ASIA wants to give Gen Y their time in the sun, their moment in the spotlight and their turn on the soapbox. There will be a dedicated section in each issue called ‘We Are Y’ and we invite you, Gen Ys, to contribute.

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