February 18, 2022 | By Graeme Kemlo

Scotty and Terry are terms of endearment you don’t hear being bandied around the elegant corridors of Sofitel Melbourne on Collins – it is more likely to be Mr Scott and Terrence.

The doyen of hotel general managers in Melbourne, Clive Scott and the affable Customer Relations Manager, Terrence Murphy have together amassed more than 80 years of hotel experience between them, much of it at the Paris end of Collins Street.

Murphy, who has the uncanny ability to always put a name to a face is renowned in hospitality. He has been at 26 Collins Street for 37 years, since the property was the Regent Hotel, before it became a Sofitel in 1996. Scott has been in hospitality for 45 years, the last 20 at Sofitel Melbourne and was awarded the Order of Australia last June for services to the hotel industry and the arts.

It was “somebody in marketing in France or [the] USA” who suggested a podcast would be a good idea to put the personal touch on the company’s messaging that saw the pair start podcasting in 2022.  And it has taken off – after only three episodes it’s ranked  #11 in ‘places and travel’ in Australia, “and would you believe we’re #339 in Ukraine,” Murphy laughs.

The podcast never mentions the hotel. It is more about the Melbourne experience, so Murphy has been scouting the city for the best gelato and the best coffee – he proclaimed that  Balaclava railway station, had the best long black.

While Murphy admits it is a bit hard to adjust to the name “Terry”, the informality of the podcast was “all Clive Scott’s doing…he’s really a re-constructed theatrical entrepreneur”.

In their first episode of Two Old Guys and a Hotel, Scotty and Terry talk about their newfound exercise habits, food choices, the Royals and the wonderful streets of Melbourne. They also welcome guest, Kenneth Park, Melbourne raconteur, who talks about tourists’ love for Melbourne, how it absorbs them completely and his adventures around the world.