1. Invest in mobile capabilities – invest in a mobile app and advertise your product/service with targeted ads on Facebook that provide links to either download your app or connect the user directly to it. Consider Facebook as part of your overall marketing objective. Create business goals and attach revenue and brand metrics to Facebook to really utilise the power of the platform. Likes offer a social element to advertising but should not be your key objective.

2. Invite people to connect with your page – let your customers know about your page. It’s not about the number of people who like your page, but that your business is connected with the right people. Invite friends who’ll be interested in your page, or upload your customer email list to send an email letting people know about your page. You can do all of this from the ‘Build Audience’ section at the top of your page.

3. Post compelling content – posting great photo or video content is an easy way to make your business come alive on Facebook. Photo or video posts generally have good levels of engagement and they are great ways to tell your story. Tell your customers about upcoming sales or promotions, or share links to relevant articles or products. Keep mobile in mind and ensure content is ‘thumb-friendly’ – i.e. what makes your thumb stop when scrolling through content on your mobile device?

4. Boost your posts – boosted posts can help you reach wider audiences with greater accuracy. Enter whatever budget you have set aside for the promotion and Facebook will tell you how many people your post will reach. With the targeting features built into boosted posts, you can make sure the right people are seeing your content. For instance, you can direct your posts towards people who live nearby. Just remember that if you want to boost a post containing an image, the picture cannot contain more than 20 per cent text.

5. Measure – check out ‘Page Insights’ to see what kind of people are connected to and engaging with your page. What kinds of posts do people react to the best? Photo posts? You can answer these kinds of questions from the ‘Insights’ tab at the top of your page.

6. Download the ‘Pages Manager’ app – if you’re away from your computer often, download the ‘Pages Manager’ app to manage your page on the go. You can post, edit your page, boost posts, and view your insights straight from the mobile app on your phone. m