From one of our readers…

It’s two thumbs’ up to the team from Carlson Rezidor and Radisson Blu for hosting a recent famil to Sydney. Our group were mostly seasoned Sydney visitors from interstate and NZ; we thought we knew the harbour town well. What a pleasant surprise to discover a heap of product that was new to all of us: a team-building activity driving minis around town (big fun), jet boating, excellent restaurants and venues that many of us will book for future events. Definitely one of the best famils I’ve attended for a long while, that again reinforced it’s all about showcasing the destination first and letting your hotel speak for itself. An outstanding effort and bravo Lisa Bacon!

Thumbs Up or Down…

Is this a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

During an interview with Miami-based SeaDream president, Bob Lepisto about SeaDream taking up residence in Asian waters from October (see page 30), Mr Lepisto told micenet AUSTRALIA editor Brad Foster that he’ll never forget the private charter of their ship by an Australian man who was celebrating his 50th birthday. “From then until now and prior to that during our 12 year history we have never had a group who consumed more beer than they did,” he said. “We had to actually go and source additional supplies during the voyage to satisfy demand.”


And still on alcohol consumption… We don’t think many Australians will be meeting in the Republic of Sudan’s capital of Khartoum any time soon with the recent declaration from tourism minister Mohamed Abdul-Karim Al Had that the country is off limits to tourists expecting to be served alcohol or wanting to dance in a disco. He advises tourists to drink camel milk instead. Yummy!


And from another micenet AUSTRALIA reader… I’ve just finished reading your Editor’s Letter in the latest micenet and agree with every word you’ve said. I hail from western Sydney (but am a Sydney FC fan (indeed, blasphemy to my family and friends)), and can say without hesitation that the Western Sydney Wanderers fans, and in particular the RBB should be viewed as a benchmark for creating and maintaining atmosphere.
I’ve never been an avid supporter of soccer (despite my soccer-mad family) however, even I attended some of the Western Sydney Wanderers games this year and had an unbelievably enjoyable time. I found myself watching the RBB instead of the game itself on numerous occasions, and after the first game I watched, noticed I was subconsciously counting down to the next Wanderers game I’d be watching live.

One thing I’ve noticed about the RBB is they take a holistic approach to their fandom. The energy doesn’t start once the ball is kicked-off, nor does it end when the final whistle sounds, rather it never seems to end.
I have friends who show up to Parramatta Stadium 4-5 hours before game time to ‘set-up’ the RBB terrace with their signage. These same people then get together with other members of the RBB community somewhere in Parramatta and chant in local pubs. Then they get together with the rest of the avid supporters and march through the streets to the stadium – it’s incredible! And as you’ve said, there are also organised YouTube videos and Facebook pages to continue the holistic and organised creation and maintenance of atmosphere.

Charmaine Tanti
Senior account executive
Beyond The Square Communication