When MEA CEO Linda Gaunt offered to enter the `Cage of Death’ at Crocosaurus Cove in the name of charity during the annual conference micenet AUSTRALIA publisher Helen Batt-Rawden said the company would donate $500 to charity if Linda and MCI’s Lynn Fairbrass swam with the crocs with a micenet magazine in their hands. The fundraiser quickly took on a life of its own with Simon Baggs matching Helen’s offer, and many others following. In total Linda and Lynn’s bravery saw them raise close to $12,000, with money being given to Mission Australia – Youth of the NT.

A tip from our illustrious managing editor on a Griswold family National Lampoon’s Vacation-style trip around the west coast of America recently who warns others considering doing the same not to believe those little suitcase symbols on some car hire company websites. The Foster family booked what they thought was a suitable car to carry five passengers and five suitcases only to arrive at Alamo at Los Angeles Airport to be told that the car they had pre-booked was going to be too small for their party. While there were enough seats for passengers the boot space didn’t allow for all the bags despite selecting a car prior to travelling that allowed for two large suitcases and three small ones. They were informed that the symbol on the website for the smaller baggage signified carry on-size luggage and not smaller suitcases. It upped the car size and the price considerably.


Great to see Sydney doing so well for events says one micenet AUSTRALIA event manager. With only one date possible for a conference dinner, the long-standing Sydney based planner made contact with 17 different CBD and suburban venues for a 200 pax dinner dance only to be told there was no room at the inn. They are happy to say however, that Sydney Glass Island (www.sydneyglassisland.com.au) came to the rescue. “And it certainly is an impressive vessel,” the event manager said.


While in Adelaide recently, a Sydney conference and event manager had fun and games with an Asian incentive group until the coaches were called to take the guests back to their hotel following a network dinner. But as the buses approached the designated pick-up address they found the boom gates to the venue locked. Some quick thinking on the PCO’s part resulted in her marching the delegates through the nearby casino and back to their hotels with one of the bus drivers leaving his bus behind and travelling with the group on foot. Delegates got to see a little more of Adelaide and walk off dinner, with smiles all ‘round.


Despite having to cater to such a disparate bunch of industry professionals who work in such a diverse number of roles, this year’s MEA annual conference in Darwin received a resounding thumbs’ up for content, with plenty of highlights, as reported in this edition (page 32-3). The destination also delivered, with the majority of delegates pleasantly surprised at the Top End city’s high level of sophistication and style. The balmy weather certainly helped too!


Thumbs up to luxury trade events in Australia that are gaining momentum and support from the industry. Organisations such as Tourism Australia, Sydney Town Hall, Destination New South Wales, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, The Star, Luxury Lodges of Australia, Restaurant Associates, Decorative Events, and The Team Event are putting their creative ideas, strategic thinking and networking contacts into Luxperience, which is taking place in Sydney in September 2013. Luxperience says the proactive nature of the private sector is great while public sector bodies also being proactive is heartening to say the least. m