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Thumbs up to the association CEO seen at Melbourne airport flying home Jetstar from the AIME exhibition in Melbourne. Unfortunately massive delays saw the savvy money saver, who was leading their team by example, waste six-and-a- half hours trying to get home. Ah, but as we say… at least they saved the not for profit some cash.


The Melbourne Convention & Visitors Bureau has changed its name to the Melbourne Convention Bureau to better represent what it does. MCB CEO Karen Bolinger said the name change was done after some extensive research which found that both here and especially internationally the wording convention bureau is clearly understood. When asked whether Melbourne had toyed with including the wording business events in its name, Ms Bolinger said it was clear from the research that business events is recognised most widely in Australia. Internationally, event planners have a greater understanding of what a convention bureau is and does.


From one of our readers…
DTo the AIME hosted buyer from Melbourne who came along to the fabulous Hamilton Island event at the Olsen Hotel in South Yarra… As he was leaving a long lunch well fed and very well watered with free flowing Robert Oatley wines, he helped himself to a bottle of pinot from the bar as he walked out the door. A group of us were stunned. Isn’t that stealing? We were lost for words. As if we don’t get more than enough of everything so generously provided for us as professional conference organisers. What a loser.


Picture this: it’s Valentine’s Day and one tourism bureau decides to hold a luncheon for key clients and prospects in one of Sydney’s most beautiful restaurants. A spectacular meal followed by some great entertainment and then, the lucky door prize – a trip across the world to one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. The accommodation for the five nights is twin share. Lovely. Great. What a wonderful prize for one person to bring home on Valentine’s Day to their spouse or partner. But wait… the airline partner in this instance is only offering one return ticket. Say what? On Valentine’s Day? Things must certainly be getting tough in the world of aviation.


It seems that the New Zealand city of Christchurch is finally finding its feet two years after it devastating earthquake. In a recent presentation, Professor Susanne Becken from Griffith University’s Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management, said tourism numbers were still down and are now where they were about 10 years ago. “You cannot start to market a place if you don’t have a product. This is crucial after a natural disaster. There may be a temptation to push on and get a city’s profile back on its feet, but without core infrastructure and suitable attractions in place, this kind of marketing could have a reverse effect. When tourist expectations are not met, negative word of mouth further undermines the destination,” she said.
CLet’s hope that the recovery continues swiftly as more venues come online.


Cairns conference delegates are being offered special deals at restaurants and retailers throughout the city as part of a new initiative to enhance their stay in Cairns & Great Barrier Reef.

Business Events Cairns & Great Barrier Reef director Rosie Douglas says the new Cairns Delegate Advantage Program provides an added reason to hold an event in the region. A joint initiative of Business Events Cairns & Great Barrier Reef, the Cairns Convention Centre and the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, the program is designed to welcome delegates to the region and ensure their stay is enjoyable. Delegates receive a flyer in their conference satchels with details on how they can access the discounted retail offers, with the program made available to all conferences held throughout the city.


To those sneaky hosted buyers who skip their appointments at AIME without any explanation take a long, hard look at yourselves please. Exhibitors purchase appointment streams at considerable cost to their businesses. Ideally, they would like to be talking to people who have potential business, and work hard pre-AIME to try to do just that. They would much rather hosted buyers tell them that they can’t make an appointment or that they don’t want an appointment because they can’t envisage having any business for them than simply not turning up at all. At least if you do speak honestly the exhibitors can seek an alternative buyer to fill the vacant spot. A win-win for everyone really!