1. My event is too small to benefit from an event app
Think event apps, you probably think large industry association conferences and tradeshows. But the features that make apps popular – attendee to attendee messaging, note-taking and live audience polling – are often as relevant to a group of 100 as they are for 1000. Events both large and small can benefit from having easy access to key event information like session details, speaker bios, and parking options.

2. A good event app is too expensive for my event
As with most things you can buy a cheap and cheerful event app, but it’s the tools within an app that make it valuable, so a fully functional app for a small event may not be cost effective. This is where AV companies and specialised service providers, like crowdcomms, come in. They can provide event apps with all the bells and whistles on a per attendee basis, so if you don’t have hundreds upon hundreds of attendees, it can still make financial sense to provide a comprehensive event app. crowdcomm’s mobile app for silent auctions, GalaBid, has been especially popular over the past 12 months for various fundraising and gala dinner events. The app has raised more than 10 million dollars for various charities, schools and clubs – a figure crowcomms estimates is a 30-40 per cent increase on the conventional paper-based bidding system.

3. I don’t have enough time to create an event app
When creating a native app you need to factor in app store approval timeframes. But if you create an HTML5 Web app you can publish your event app the moment it’s ready. These apps are downloaded from a web address and completely bypass the online app stores, so if you have a few hours to spare, and your content is ready, you can create and publish a fully functional app for your attendees.

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