Business Events Industry Aotearoa (BEIA), New Zealand’s business events industry body, has called on the nation’s government for more financial support as Auckland re-enters Alert Level 3 for seven days.

The lockdown was announced following a ‘mystery’ case of Covid which involved a man moving through the community who should have been isolating, and means that venues across the city are closed, social gatherings can have up to 10 people and business events can operate across digital platforms.

BEIA released a statement in the wake of the announcement, saying the government’s decision to provide support across all businesses is very much ‘employee-focused’ and does not reflect the impact expected to be felt by the business events industry.

“Along with the other event related associations, BEIA continues to push government for more support,” the statement read.

“You can help by speaking with your local member of parliament, reminding them that the business events sector, which is the safest of all large gatherings, generates more economic revenue per person than other visitor groups, is professionally managed and is a significant contributor to Tourism, GST receipts, local investment and job creation.

“Think of all the not-so-obvious industries our sector supports, such as food and beverage producers, linen suppliers, flower growers, the list is endless.”

BEIA also recently sought professional advice on the government’s Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) and was advised that members should apply for support based on seasonality if they are unable to show revenue over the past six weeks. To strengthen their case, BEIA said, members should highlight that revenue is not recognised until the event itself happens and year-on-year figures can be compared.

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