By Brad Foster

It’s one of those industry exhibitions that grows on you every year… A well-spaced appointment stream, attractive layout, FREE COFFEE, good lunches, and a gala dinner that has all of those hard-working exhibitors kicking back at the end of the event makes the annual MEETINGS in Auckland a cover girl for the entire business events sector.

With just over 100 hosted buyers from Australia, more from New Zealand, and walk-ins from Auckland, this year’s event, like previous ones, saw real business being done. And that has to be partly due to the screening of buyers that the organisers – CINZ – do prior to the start of the event.

If you don’t potentially have business for New Zealand then don’t come and waste everybody’s time and money. The policing of this makes it a win-win and leaves this old hack wondering why they wouldn’t just make it bigger and forget exhibiting anywhere else?

The only thing that will improve the event is when it takes up residence in the new convention centre in the heart of the city in a few years’ time.