When COVID-19 led to an increase in major project cancellations, managing director of niche digital equipment supplier Congress Rental, Jeremy Ducklin, knew he had to think quickly. In response, he shifted his focus to one of the business’ latest offerings: remote interpretation, a solution which translates spoken word into a different language as it is being spoken.

According to Jeremy, the industry was hesitant to adopt the technology before the pandemic, but is now turning to it in droves to allow for smooth, uninterrupted cross-language conversations in remote meetings and events.

“Having worked on offering and providing remote interpretation for the past few years, we were ready for a possible increase in demand due to COVID19,” he said.

“The interest we got exceeded our expectations, and we now have a significant pipeline of remote interpretation events.”

Congress Rental has also turned its attention to Thermal Imaging Cameras, which will be useful for fever detection at events once the lockdown is over.

The fever detection system can scan up to 30 people per second at distances of up to 4.5 metres with an accuracy of ±0.3°C. It also has facial recognition capabilities paired with artificial intelligence to allow temperatures to be measured, even through face masks.

So far, Jeremy and the team have received quite a bit of interest from the event industry, with confirmed bookings for events in both Australia and New Zealand. This is expected to increase when event restrictions are lifted.

To find out more about Congress Rental and its offerings, visit: https://www.congressrental.com.au/